Pattern Shop

We have well Equipped PatternShop with in house methoding facility for manufacturing wooden and aluminium patterns according to product drawing and specification.

Moulding Section

1 Nos Automatic Sand Mixer Plant for Mold Preparation with 5000kg per Hour Capacity
1 Nos Automatic Sand Mixer Plant for Core Making with 600 kg per Hour capacity
1 Nos Sand Reclamation Plant
2 Nos CP Pneumatic Hammers
2 Nos Air Compressor with 140 CFM and 200 CFM Capacity
2 Nos EOT Crane with 10MT and 15MT Capacity.

Melting Section

Our melting section consists of Inductotherm India’s 450KW/ 700 HZ VIP Power Track Medium Frequency furnace with 1000 and 2000 Kgs Crucible and Pouring Ladles of 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2500kg.

Heat Treatment

1 Nos electrically operated Dual Zone PID Controller with Auto programmer / graph chart facilitate 3.5 ton capacity furnaces. Our quenching facility includes water quenching facility with cooling tower &temperature indicator,and Air quenching facility with high capacity axial blower fans.


Capable to output 400MT per month having
16” dia Swing Grinders
Rotofettle Flexible Shaft Grinders
Pneumatic Chippers
Gauzing and Welding Machines
120” dia Shot Blasting Machine.

Machine Shop

Our machine shops are well equipped with conventional and CNC boring, turning, planning, shaping and drilling machines.

Quality Control

1 NosSpectoMaxx, Germany Optical Emission Ferrous Ni base Spectrometer With Nitrogen
1 NosSuyash Carbon Silicon Analyzer with Temperature Measurement facility
1 NosMold Hardness Tester
1 Nos Casting Hardness Tester
2 NosVernierCaliper Scale
We have show facility tensile/micro structure/UT as well as magneticpartical testing